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Making films is our passion and we feel blessed to do this professionally.


We started operating in 2012 with projects involving stop motion animations made at two construction sites in PoznaƄ. Since that time, we have been constantly honing our skills to ensure that the footage we deliver to our clients of top quality. We have travelled to shoot in such places as South America, Dubai, Turkey, Finland, Slovenia and Bosnia.

Our basic means of expression is the Timelapse technique, which is enriched with footage shot with drones and shots from the ground. We are skilled in using Adobe suite tools, which allow us to create rich infographics, 2D animations and specially designed animations of logotypes of our clients. The longest project we had the pleasure to be involved in lasted 2 years but we have no limitations regarding the maximum length of investment. Our proprietary timelapse shooting system can operate non-stop. Since we live in the times of social media, we also offer comprehensive LIVE-STREAM relations of such events as cornerstone placement, topping out or opening ceremonies. In order to even further enrich the footage shot during construction work, we also take shorter, several-hour shots using a unique Timelapse Motion-Control technique.  These shots also use the timelapse technique, with the key difference being that in this case the camera moves along a pre-planned track and the specially adjusted camera settings make it possible to perfectly capture various construction processes, which differ in terms of speed of progress or work intensity.  We know how to operate even at very large construction sites and we are well familiar with the characteristics of this type of work as well as the OHS requirements we need to follow. We have the necessary qualifications and authorisations, and we always act with a professional attitude and passion. We remain in touch with the Investor and Contractor along the entire construction process in order to ensure that our cameras capture all the important processes and actions occurring at the construction site. This approach gives us confidence that the film we create will not only make an excellent marketing/advertising material but also a wonderful memento for both the Contractor and the Investor.

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